How to Unlock Region Lock on Galaxy S5

It has been over a month since Galaxy S5 hit the markets and it’s success story has been somewhat similar to it’s predecessor. Unliked for it’s old, monotonous and heavily bloated software the smartphone is surely a beast in performance but other smartphones such as HTC One M8 have surely caught eye of a large mass. Of the users who have purchased Galaxy S5 many of them are now facing a serious problem of region unlock and it has become even more typical to import the device from other countries. Well what emerged as a solution to stop illegal import of smartphones from European or other countries is now  posing to be serious headache for the users.  This feature included in the latest flagship device from Samsung caused a trouble for most of people travelling overseas rather frequently or masses who wanted to send a gift overseas.


Lot people over the web are trying to bypass this region unlock with a certain set of codes with little success but no method has till now appeared which guarantees the region unlock to go away. In this post we will list some of ways by which you can remove the region lock on Galaxy S5.

1. Operate the smartphone in region where it is bought

The smartphone should be used with a local carrier using activated SIM and use it for five minutes after. But this isn’t all as the case with Note 3, you also need to make 5 min call to remove the region lock from the device. Well this time it is much more complicated but it’s the best way by far that does not cause any problems afterwards.

2. Get the unlock Code

Another way to disable region unlock on your Galaxy S5 is to get unlock code for your device. You can try your luck demanding the unlock code from Samsung customer care or other way round is to purchase the codes which are readily available with different sellers on eBay. You need to pay $10-$50 for these codes and make your phone working.

3. Wait for the hack

Many of the enthusiast over the web have been constantly trying to bypass the unlock feature of Galaxy S5 and as soon as any hack is available we will update you with it. Till then, WAIT. 



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